Do what you love, love what you do!

Marimar’s debut in theater, at 17 alongside her father Gonzalo Vega, was in the classical version of “Don Juan Tenorio”. Her outstanding performances on television include “While there is Life”, “Empress”, “Eternally Yours”, “Captive Love”, “Silvana no Cash”, “Cappadocia” and had the leading role in the series “Under Siege”.

Her film debut was in Michel Franco’s film “Daniel y Ana” - “Daniel and Ana”- which competed in the Cannes Film Festival. Other film roles that followed were “Citizen Buelna”, “The Lovers”, “Love of my Loves”, “Grandma’s Birthday”, “30 Single and Fantastic”, “Valentina’s Wedding”.

Her theater performances include “12 Angry Women”, “I don’t know whether to slit my wrists or leave them long”, “1, 2, 3 for me and all my Lovers”, “Aladdin Musical”, “5 Women wearing de same Dress”, “Cows”, “Riverside Drive”, “It’s never too late to learn French”.

Currently participates in the work "The other side of the bed".